WEXO presented a new app at cryptocurrency conference in the heart of Slovakia

3 min readAug 2, 2022


At a conference aimed at experts, cryptocurrency fans, and the general public interested in crypto-assets, representatives of the WEXO platform presented a new cryptocurrency app.

At an exceptional event in the Low Tatras, about 250 people from across Slovakia and surrounding countries learned more about the new app and the upcoming WEXO NFT Marketplace & Studio.

The WEXO 2.0 app, with the characteristic subtitle: “Crypto for you and your friends”, has a new intuitive interface. This enables even less experienced users to learn to work with cryptocurrencies.

New app. New experience

In addition to the usual options of standard cryptocurrency wallets, the renewed app brings several features and practical functions. A key innovation was officially presented — sending cryptocurrency via a phone number without having to know the cryptocurrency address. You will be able to save frequently used addresses/contacts in the new app

The new version of WEXO cryptocurrency app can generate payments with pre-filled payment details via a QR code.

And the new WEXO app will be the gateway to the platform’s whole ecosystem. In this way, users gain access to the convenient purchase of cryptocurrencies, the purchase and creation of NFTs, the vaulting of cryptocurrencies, and the staking of WEXO Token.

The new app for WEXO cryptocurrency will also reward users. The Loyalty Program enables users to receive various activity-based advantages, benefits and discounts. Detailed monitoring of the cryptocurrency market within the WEXO app allows users to easily manage their portfolio and use the built-in cryptocurrency exchange.

Other top cryptocurrencies have been added to the new WEXO app, which will be expanded with new cryptocurrencies every month — with users deciding which cryptocurrencies are added.

Almost 190,000 users

The new WEXO app is in its final testing phase. It will be available for Android and iPhone in coming weeks. The web interface will also be completely redesigned.

The WEXO platform is currently used by over 187,000 people around the world. The user community is most widespread in India, Turkey and Brazil.




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