We’re launching a Loyalty program: Get benefits and earn cryptocurrencies

2 min readFeb 28, 2023

The WEXO Loyalty program is an improved form of the affiliate model popular with users. Our Loyalty program enables you to get various advantages and benefits, such as cheaper transactions, discounts on fees, and also direct rewards in cryptocurrencies. We’ll reward you even more for your activity, and with your growing Loyalty level you’ll also receive more attractive benefits.

How to start?

To join the WEXO Loyalty program, you must meet the conditions of an active user:

- download the app (for iPhone or Android)
- complete verification (KYC)
- meet the minimum turnover (currently EUR 200)

Increase your Loyalty program level and get better benefits in two ways. You can choose a career as an Inviter or Tokener.

As a Tokener, we’ll reward you for buying and holding our WEXO tokens in your wallet. That’s the only condition you have to fulfil. Progress to a higher level is directly proportional to the number of WEXO tokens in your wallet.

The Inviter’s career mainly comprises recommending our WEXO app to your friends in combination with purchasing a symbolic number of WEXO tokens. Career levels are clearly displayed in the app along with associated benefits and conditions.

Learn how to level up, earn crypto and enjoy lower fees

Benefits for Loyalty program members

Earn cryptocurrencies

From the first level, you receive a direct reward from the purchase of WEXO tokens by your friends and acquaintances whom you invited to the WEXO app. As the level increases, for example at the highest level, this reward is up to 10%. All rewards are paid in cryptocurrency directly to your WEXO wallet.

Fee discounts and cheaper transactions

Depending on your level, you’ll also get a discount on fees for selected services in our WEXO ecosystem. This applies, for example, to cheaper transactions. You can save from 2.5% to 17.5% of the fees according to your loyalty program level.

Share in the WEXO platform’s profit

In addition, a level IV Tokener becomes a member of the lucrative WEXO Profit share pool — and thus receives a profit share of fees within the WEXO app.

Become a WEXO legend

Download our cryptocurrency app (iPhone / Android), join the Loyalty program, and become a WEXO legend. Enjoy discounts, benefits, or earn cryptocurrencies and profit thanks to your activity.




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