Welcome to 2024: An exciting year full of innovations and growth

5 min readJan 4, 2024

At the turn of the year, I would like to wish you all the best for 2024. This is the perfect time to take stock, so on behalf of Wexo I would like to summarise the past twelve months. We have had a very successful year. We have taken Wexo to a whole new level this year, and as someone who has been involved in crypto for 10 years I can honestly tell you that it gives me chills.

And here is why:

I’m excited that we’ve been able to launch new attractive features and services. I consider the biggest highlights to be the EURO wallet (euro deposits, withdrawals and crypto-fiat exchange). Fiat on-ramp is a big challenge for any crypto project. We have been working intensively on this functionality for several months and by conquering this milestone we have proven that we are among the top on the market, which is nowadays appreciated by ordinary users, but is also increasingly noticed by big investors.

A big step towards Bitcoin adoption, but also for us as a platform, was the launch of our own Lightning node and the processing of instant Bitcoin transactions for pennies on the dollar within the Bitcoin Lightning wallet.

Integrating this technology into our ecosystem has also opened the way to entrepreneurs, who we can offer a sophisticated crypto terminal and other unparalleled related services. Onboarding entrepreneurs into the cryptoworld and a standalone app for businesses, Wexo Business, will allow us to build payment systems for the finance of the future. We have a huge head start on any global competition in this regard and we see this direction as the path that will bring millions of users to our platform.

The fact that we have sold out the entire presale and added some of the reserves due to high interest is extraordinary news and it is not common for similar projects to succeed on this scale.

The stock market listing marked the beginning of a new era for Wexo. We were pleasantly surprised by the successful listing and launch on the first stock exchange. I can tell you that these days, despite the holidays, my team and I are already working on listing WEXO Token on other exchanges.

I also want to highlight our developers, whose quality is underlined by the fact that we have made it easy to buy from the Wexo app directly on the decentralized Uniswap exchange. And not only by exchanging for Ethereum (ETH), but also when paying by card, which is literally a rarity among cryptoapps. Currently, this feature only applies to the WEXO Token, but it has opened up new possibilities for the future, thanks to which we will, for example, also be able to offer smaller and start-up projects to list on our platform.

The year 2024 will be a breakthrough year for Wexo. Together with Wexo Resellers, we will be expanding our network of acceptance points and onboarding hundreds to thousands of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs. Our goal is to build a huge infrastructure, not only in Slovakia but also abroad, so that a cryptocurrency owner can pay for any of their needs with Bitcoin. Following this, we will also launch Bitcoin Cashback — a unique way to earn free Bitcoin with every purchase. The attractive Bitcoin Cashback service will bring us hundreds of thousands of new users, whom we will connect with entrepreneurs, our Crypto Partners.

The marketing tools we put in the hands of entrepreneurs and the new customers we bring to them will increase their profits. And, of course, the profit of the entire platform. This robust ecosystem and the fact that all transactions will “spin” with us will result in exponential growth of the platform’s profits and therefore Wexo Shares in the years to come.

The next period plays perfectly into our hands. Not only in terms of the services already available or the features we will soon launch. The upcoming bullrun, the launch of cryptocurrency ETFs and the expected growth on the crypto market or the increasing reserves of banks stored in cryptocurrencies only multiplies the potential, which Wexo together with you will use to the maximum extent.

We have one more important card up our sleeve. But this time I’m talking about a real Wexo payment card, which will give the fiat zone in Wexo the right boost. You can also look forward to other new profit-enhancing services, such as liquidity providing. We can’t wait to give you a more detailed roadmap for the coming months.

We will shine ever brighter on the global crypto map. So friends, please buckle up. In 2024, it’s going to be a ride like you’ve never experienced.

On behalf of the entire Wexo team, I wish you a successful new year in 2024!

Thank you again for your cooperation and your trust. See you at our events in January in Košice and Brno.

Martin Kuchár — Chief Product Officer




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