Rapper Momo Introduces Own NFT Street Hamlet

2 min readDec 5, 2023

Momo releases NFT Street Hamlet in collaboration with Wexo as a unique memento of his thirteenth solo album. By purchasing the NFT, you not only acquire a unique memento but also a signed CD of Street Hamlet in physical form, and also entry to the VIP Meet&Greet event with Momo on December 10, 2023, in Trnava at 5:30 PM at the shisha bar UpTown.

Purchase NFT Street Hamlet

“With the release of the new album, I want to give my fans an indelible memory. Music and rap are progressing, as proven by my new album, and technologies are evolving just as rapidly. I’m glad that, thanks to blockchain, Wexo and I can symbolically inscribe Street Hamlet into this database, where it will never be erased, giving fans an indestructible collector’s item in the form of NFT,” said rapper Momo.

A truly collectible digital artwork are the three premium NFTs — by purchasing them, the owner also acquires a physical likeness of the NFT itself in the form of a painting. Momo will personally sign the print on canvas measuring 100x100 cm and hand it over to the owner along with the CD at the aforementioned Meet&Greet event.

Limited edition NFTs — Diamond, Gold, and Silver. Each of these NFTs is unique and was created in just one piece.

Check out the limited NFTs here: NFT Marketplace WEXO

“We are pleased that another prominent member of the Slovak music scene has found his way to creating NFTs on the WEXO platform. We value every NFT author we can provide with our experience and support. Next year, Wexo NFT Marketplace will continue to create new types of content with a very interesting partner,” hinted Milan Božik, CEO of the Wexo platform.

In the past, WEXO also oversaw the NFT music collection of Majk Spirit, who thus inscribed the album NOVÝ ČLOVEK on the blockchain. Through the use of blockchain, which is transparent and secure, Wexo has also brought tokenization of Amantius Apartments in lucrative Dubai. Wexo will announce more collaborations and new projects with multinational companies related to NFTs in the coming weeks. For example, the NFT project Arbol will be launched, which you can learn more about in the Wexo Podcast.




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