Frayer Flexking supports entry into the world of cryptocurrencies with Wexo

2 min readDec 1, 2023


“I’m investing in myself, not a little but a lot,” raps Flexking in his latest track Investing in collaboration with Momo.

We are proud crypto partners of a major figure in the Slovak hip-hop scene. We are pleased to have been involved in the making of the music video for Frayer Flexking’s latest track Invest I To Myself in collaboration with Momo.

“I’m investing, I don’t expect to scalp that bank. Business, stocks, crypto…I don’t put cash in the box anymore,” Flexking enthuses.

The track I Invest perfectly captures the dynamic and progressive spirit of the cryptocurrency world. We’re happy to be a part of this project that promotes increased awareness of digital money technologies and their potential for the future.

Wexo is at the forefront of the digital money revolution, providing users with innovative solutions for managing and investing in the cryptocurrency market. Our mission is to democratize finance and bring secure, efficient and easily accessible cryptocurrency services to anyone who wants to enter this rapidly evolving world. The app, subtitled Crypto for you and your friends, is a gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies even for complete beginners.

Frayer Flexking invites you to Wexo

This collaboration is just the beginning of our commitment to leading the cryptocurrency revolution. We believe that teaming up with Frayer Flexking will help us reach new audiences and further spread the message of the importance of cryptocurrencies today.

In cooperation with Frayer Flexking, Wexo brings you a welcome bonus in the form of 10 free WEXO Tokens. At the same time, you can get 10% extra when you buy a WEXO token directly in the WEXO application.

Create a free account and get the following benefits:

• Welcome bonus of 10 WEXO Tokens

• 10% extra after purchasing a WEXO token for your first purchase

You can get the benefits only when registering through a special affiliate link on the occasion of the new song Investujem and cooperation with Frayer Flexking.

We thank Frayer Flexking for his commitment to this initiative and look forward to further collaboration in the future. Check out his latest video I Invest and try out the Wexo app, which is the easiest way into the world of cryptocurrencies.




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