Download the new WEXO app for iPhone and Android

3 min readAug 2, 2022


Our new crypto app is now available. Gateway to the world of cryptocurrencies in the palm of your hand.

Crypto for you and your friends

Hold your cryptocurrencies on our high-performance and easy-to-use WEXO platform. Buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using your credit card. Make instant swaps between cryptocurrencies. Join our community, earn crypto, and pay lower fees with our loyalty plan.

• Send, receive and hold cryptocurrencies safely
• Built-in exchange
• Real-time charts
• Simple portfolio management
• Buy bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies
• Security ensured by facial and fingerprint scan
• Send cryptocurrencies without the need to know the recipient’s address
• Choose from different networks and different blockchains when making transaction
• Save contacts and wallet addresses
• Generate pre-filled payment orders

The WEXO 2.0 app, with the characteristic subtitle: “Crypto for you and your friends”, has a new intuitive interface. This enables even less experienced users to learn to work with cryptocurrencies. Download the new WEXO app for iPhone and Android.

In addition to the usual options of standard cryptocurrency wallets, the updated app introduces several features and practical functions. Detailed market overview allows the user to easily manage their portfolio within the WEXO app, buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using a credit card, and swap cryptocurrencies on our built-in crypto exchange.

One of the key new features is sending crypto using phone number without the need to know the recipient’s wallet address. Frequently used addresses or contacts can be saved within the new app. The new version of WEXO cryptocurrency app can generate payments with pre-filled payment details via a QR code.

“The new app is the gateway into our whole WEXO ecosystem. The user gets a crypto wallet with many features and they can easily buy crypto and make swaps on the built-in crypto exchange. All of this within our new, updated interface, “ says the WEXO platform co-founder Milan Božik.

We have added other top cryptocurrencies and we will be adding more each month. The users will also decide on the cryptocurrencies to be added.

The underlying system has been updated as well. Transaction processing will be faster and more reliable compared to the first version. “Front-end is not the only thing that we have been working on within the app. We have made plenty of invisible changes in the back-end as well. The user will appreciate them in the form of improved transaction processing reliability,” added Milan Božik.

Buy the WEXO TOKEN in the app and profit

You can buy the WEXO TOKEN directly and comfortably within the WEXO app, even before the listing, at a reduced price of EUR 0.125 (the listing price will be EUR 0.25). However, the token’s growth potential is just the beginning — it opens new possibilities through staking, generating profit in dividend pools, or reducing fees for selected services within the Loyalty program. The Loyalty program will offer various benefits and discounts based on the user’s activity. The announced Loyalty program will be launched in Q3 of this year along with other new features.




Buy, store and use cryptocurrencies with powerful Wexo platform in easy way like normal money — fast and securely. Crypto for you & your friends 👥