Buy the WEXO Token before entering the crypto exchange and profit

3 min readMay 17, 2022


The listing of our WEXO Token on the crypto exchange is approaching. Buy it in advance at a lower price, profit from the growing value, and benefit.

New features are constantly being added to our WEXO platform. We have already informed you that 2022 will be a year of more innovations and significant changes for WEXO. We are pleased to be growing in the number of users; our WEXO community has grown to more than 185,000 people.

We have recently informed you about the new tokenomics of our WEXO Token, the upcoming staking and dividend pool, and the unique possibility to purchase cryptocurrencies with a payment card directly in our application. You can find more information and upcoming news on our blog or follow us on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The WEXO Token will enter the crypto exchange for 0.25 €

We plan to list the WEXO Token on the crypto exchange shortly. Intensive negotiations with several world cryptocurrency exchanges are currently underway. Admission to the crypto exchange is planned for 0.25 € per 1 WEXO Token. In the current pre-sale phase, the token price is 0.11875 €, so early investors can expect an attractive valuation in the coming months.

Why buy the WEXO Token in advance?

As a WEXO Token holder, you will benefit from its price’s high growth potential and get several advantages and benefits. You can purchase the WEXO Token directly in our application (iPhone/Android).

24% per year in the staking pool

The WEXO Token is part of a significant ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain; according to today’s modern standards, it will also take advantage of staking opportunities. You can have up to 24% per year from locking the WEXO Token in the staking pool. The benefit will be paid out every day. For more information, see the article WEXO Token: Staking.

Share profit with a dividend pool

The WEXO platform will allocate 30% of earnings from all fees to DIVIDEND POOLS; the profit will be divided equally among the current number of participants in the given pool. You can find more information about dividend pools and how to secure a strategic place in one of them in the article WEXO Token: Dividend.

Pay lower fees

Thanks to the WEXO Loyalty program, the WEXO Token holders will pay lower fees for selected services. Depending on your position in the Loyalty program, determined by the number of held WEXO Tokens or invited friends, you can secure significantly lower expenses for our services or other benefits.

We are growing, expanding and improving our portfolio of services

We will enormously expand the range of offered services this year. We prepare a better application with an improved design loaded with new features. Our current NFT marketplace is undergoing significant changes. A completely new service is being developed for all WEXO users. Thanks to our ecosystem and the WEXO NFT Studio service, every user will be able to create NFT easily and immediately present it for sale.

We expect the WEXO Token value to grow, even after listing on the crypto exchange, especially given the number of features and services the WEXO platform offers and its ever-growing number of users.

So don’t hesitate and buy the WEXO Token in advance at a better price, so get involved in staking and dividend pools in the future and get lower fees and other benefits within our WEXO platform.




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